Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Came Early...

I had to write a special letter to Santa to see if he could come early to our home since we'll be out of town...and he did!

Our kids are at such a fun age to enjoy a Holiday like Christmas. Justin is really cute that he likes to play Christmas music and eat cinnamon rolls while we open gifts, usually we have to wait upstairs while he gets it all ready. However, because Tysen is pulling ornaments off of trees' we put our tree in our loft where we don't usually spend much time. I think it worked out great. Because of Justin loosing his job we were blessed by the generosity of others who made this a wonderful day!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday party

We had our neighbors over to have cake and open presents, it was the perfect party for a 1 year old, simple, small, and fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man

Today Tysen is one, and it has been a great year! It took us almost two years just to get pregnant and the 9 months seemed to take forever! But once we finally got him here it was worth the wait!

Dear Tysen

Happy birthday little man. We love you so much, you are a wonderful blessing and you have completed our family. You are the perfect little brother to Adlen, and chase after her and want the toys that she always has. You make your dad proud that he can one day take you fishing, throw the football around and watch you play basketball (all of which you will do because of who your dad is, not so much because you want to, just as a heads up). And I'm so proud that I get to raise you to be smart, kind and loving, and strong and for it to be OK and not a sign of weakness. Right now you love to crawl and put anything in your mouth, you have 4 teeth and 4 more coming in. You say "momma, dadda,", you like to scream and hear your own voice, and you love to wave and give kisses. You have beautiful brown eyes and a smile that would make anyone want to be your mom, but I'm the lucky one who is. You are enriching our lives everyday and can't wait to see how much more you grow and learn.

We love you and are so grateful for you

Love mommy, daddy and Adlen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a great weekend in California, we left Wednesday night and came back Saturday night (I had to teach primary on Sunday). Dinner was yummy and relaxing, Friday we went to Sea world, compliments of Justin's uncle who used to work there, then thanks to Julie we went out to a movie. We saw Blind Side and it was great, go see it if you have the chance. Then Saturday it was raining so we just stayed home and made popcorn balls and rented Angels and Demons, another good one as well. So the weekend had everything that makes for a good Holiday. Time with family, naps, movies, some holiday food and and extra 5 pounds for the road!
I thought I had pictures to post, we took most of them with Julies camera and we ordered a CD from Walmart and I got home and sure enough the pictures were of some other family and a fat man with his shirt off...yuck! Maybe I should post them anyway!

Friday, November 20, 2009


With the help of my parents we we're able to spend the weekend in Michigan. My youngest brother David was leaving for his mission and we decided to get together for a early Thanksgiving. We had great weather and a wonderful time. We stayed with my brother Nate who also lives in Michigan along with his wife and their 3 kids, my brother Mark from Arizona also stayed there with his wife and their 3 kids, then Justin and I (and our 2 kids). It was a packed house but sooo much fun. We had late night Rock Band sessions, family football, a visit to the beach and a day at the zoo! Being with family is one of my favorite things and I'm so glad we could all get together before David left!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


My friend did this on her blog, so I will copy her

5 North American Cities I'd live in

1-New York, NY

2-Denver, CO

3-San Diego, CA

4-Seattle, WA

5-Tampa, FL

5 songs to which I know all the words

1-What a feeling, Flashdance


3-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

4-Rock a Bye Baby

5-Old McDonald had a Farm

5 foods I'd wish to have in unlimited quantities an a deserted

1-pizza (supreme, then I have a variety of things)

2-ceasar salad


4-steak, but with A-1 sauce

5-Olive Garden, I'm sure they would deliver, right?

5 chores I should be doing right now instead of Blogging



3-make my bed

4-unload the dishwasher

5-load the dishwasher

5 childhood friends I would love to see again

1-Sarah M

2-Megan A

3-Nancy N

4-Jodi D

5-Keli C

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Remember that time I blogged about Adlen not having accidents and was doing so well with potty training? Yeah, we had 3 accidents the other day....I spoke too soon!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Just thought I'd post some pictures, but it was a pretty laid back holiday. Find a pumpkin, carve it, and go trick or treating! Adlen was a USC cheerleader and Tysen was a lion!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

We have a job!

Our cute little Justin has a job that he will start on Wednesday. He is working for a concrete company doing their inside sales. We are thrilled that it didn't take long, and that it is enough to cover our expenses.
In other good news Adlen is diaper free, she is doing so well going to the bathroom and rarely has a wet diaper in the morning and I can't remember the last time we had an accident!
Tysen has two bottom teeth now and is walking along the furniture and trying to stand on his own.
I'm looking for a job still, something part time in addition to doing MK. I thought it would be good to have a little more coming in just so we can get caught up on this last month with no income and the 7 weeks Justins' boss still owes him, and if I get one some where fun it would be nice to have Christmas on a discount.
I'm feeling really blessed right now and thankful to my dear friends who have helped us and our wonderful families

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I had a thought

I had a thought about something that I wanted to write, and now I can't remember, hmm.. So a general update.
We are in full on potty training around here. I was out last Tuesday and I called Justin just to check in and this is our conversation "we're in lock down for the ext little while" me, "whats going on", Justin, "we're potty training and she can't play with her big girl toys, they have been put away, she can't play with friends, nothing", I say "OK". And so far it hasn't been bad. She's going about 2-3 times a day in the potty, she's pooped once, and we have on average one accident every other day. However, she did poop twice in her under wear today... yuck. But she went on her own today as well so, I can't complain. We put her in a diaper at nights but, other than that its under wear the rest of the time (although we've had a few fits about wanting a diaper). When she has to go she'll say "my pee pee's awake", she goes and she cheers and says "I did it"!
Tysen is a handful, looking for anything to get into, which is opposite of what Addie was like. He is standing and holding onto things and trying to take steps. He has 1 tooth and another that i think will be here shortly. He is 10 months old, and doesn't so much eat food, but rather smears it all over. He has the best laugh and wrinkles his nose and breaths like he's a bull ready to charge.
We're trying to decide what to do for Halloween, Adlen has a USC cheerleader outfit, so we thought we'd find a Jersey for Tysen and make him a football player. Or, and this is my pick, I'd like to make Adlen an Angel, and Tysen, a little devil.
Justin is still looking for work, actually we both are so if you know anyone who is hiring a Project Engineer, or an assistant project manger, let us know, or anyone who is hiring in a community or public relations based job, let me know. At this point we'll go anywhere.
We look forward to the rest of the year. We have opportunities to see family, and of course, our trip to Hawaii, without kids, courtesy of my brother and his brave wife to take on our two kids, plus their three!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

just some pictures

these are just some pictures I haven't had a chance to post and pictures from Justins 29th birthday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New blog

I have a new blog
Tell everyone about it, it will go through basic things I've learned and would also love to hear hear what you have learned as well!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Right now...

Right now Adlen is in the tub, Tysen is asleep and I'm on the computer, while I smell dinner cooking down stairs...I love my hot husband!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

CA Fun Prt 2

CA Fun

We've had a busy weekend with a last minute trip to Grandmas house. We played in the pool and at the beach and saw the seals at La Jolla, it was a nice little get away!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My hair sums it up...its been messy!

On a night in which I can't fall asleep, here I am, updating my blog! We've had an interesting few weeks so I'll just highlight some of it. One of my very best friends was married a few weeks ago and we had the opportunity to go to her beautiful wedding. The bride and groom looked so happy and the reception was such a blast! It was wonderful to have the majority of the day without the kids. I'm not sure what it is but I've been feeling a little burnt out and I'm not sure exactly how to fix it so it was a much needed break.

On the note, today Tysen fell down about 8 of our steps, he is fine but I've been feeling like with Tysen there have been more accidents and more often. I'm not sure if its because he is the second and I'm not always there to watch him but then I don't feel like that should be an excuse when it comes to safety.

Coming back from out of town on Sunday we had a note on our door that our neighbor found our dog (after picking him up he got back out about midnight, in which our neighbor knocked on our door). Then the next afternoon he got out again and didn't return till Tuesday morning. He is fine but his ear is a bit torn.

Does anyone else feel they have weeks were they just can't get it together, because that's where I am!

On a positive note, Justin and I will be going to Hawaii in December with his family, and the best part (but a little sad as well), we're leaving the kids! Oh, please hurry up December!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bad Economy? Not for some

Last week I wrote about hanging out on the strip. One of the things we like to do is visit the MGM Grand and see their lion habitat, its free and Adlen thinks the lions are so cute (she says "oh so cute, like Tysen"). Well as we were walking through the habitat we noticed that they have new cubs, maybe 6 weeks old, and so tiny. Then I saw that you could pay to pet these little cubs, which seems like a great idea, for 5 minutes, at the low price of...$200! I was shocked! Are we not in a recession? And whats worse was there were people standing in line to pay $200 for 5 minutes...not for me, not even in a recession

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wasn't what we hoped for, but...

Well our anniversary wasn't what we hoped for, a weekend away without the kids was our original plan but we made the most of it. Justin and I did get a little time to ourselves and then spent the weekend doing fun stuff with the kids, hiking through Mt. Charleston and sightseeing on the strip. Overall it wasn't half bad!

Friday, August 14, 2009

4 years

4 years ago today I had the privilege to marry a man who is by far too good for me. I've been so blessed to have him as my spouse. If you think that I am kind, forgiving, generous or even funny it is only because Justin has showed me to be those things. Our lives have changed a lot over the years but what I love the most is that no matter how much it changes, as long as Justin and I remember to always rely on each other and be each others best friend we're going to have many many happy and fulfilling years together.

Thank you Justin for my wonderful life, keeping me on my toes and excitement for whats to come! Happy anniversary

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An update on us

Just wanted to update you on what has been going on
Tysen had his 6 month appointment last week (although he's a month behind). He is 28 inches long and in the 90th percentile for length and 18 lbs which puts him in the 50th percentile for weight. He likes to roll all over and is thinking about crawling.
Adlen sings "old McDonald has a farm" and she includes horses, sheep, cows, pigs, frog and ducks in her chorus and I'm thinking about putting her in French classes, she says Bonjour and Merci so she may like it.
Justin and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary this Friday. Plans have yet to be set but we will have a good time I'm sure, even if it is just a game of Scrabble.
The Kitchen is still not finished.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Poor Tysen

After posting the last blog I realized that I haven't written much about Tysen, poor little guy. So I grabbed my camera and took some pictures. Hes now 7 months and is sitting up, rolling over, sleeping through the night, eating baby food and sometimes will say dada or mama. We are still waiting on his first tooth, I swear it was coming like two months ago but I guess not! But he is so fun and a very good baby. Adlen loves having a baby brother and she says that she wants to pick one baby (I'm not sure why she's picking, but whatever) and it would be Tysen and she tells him that he screams like a little girl! We are really enjoying our family of four!

just some fun pictures

This is our kitchen right when we moved in and we have since been restaining it. Its coming along and all we have left to stain are the faces of the cabinets!
The new color

Adlen was playing with buster and since he still chews sometimes, she moved some of her toys off the floor and I found them on our counter, she's cute!

This look makes me nervous

Playing in moms make up

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Justin with his mom and brothers

wild animal park, ca

I feel like I have a lot on my mind. I want to tell you all the fun things that have been happening. We went to California for my brother in laws fairwell, then we had a fun family vacation in Island Park, ID.

But I also want to tell you all the things that have been bugging me, I feel like i've been in a funk this month and not sure why. I don't seem to be my motivated, happy self. I feel tired and grumpy more than anything.

I also want to tell you about how cute my kids are and what a great husband I have, as much as I feel down I am grateful for my blessings and the people around me who love me.

So there you have it, maybe now I can move past it now that its off my chest (although I welcome anything extra on my chest, cause lets face it, the ta ta's need help)!