Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ragnar Relays

Oh, what was i thinking saying yes!

I had a friend come down for the weekend who was running with a group to do the ragnar relays. If you are unfamiliar with them thats not a bad thing! It is a two day race where each runner takes a few legs to finish the course. Well they were down a runner and on Monday and asked if I could run. I thought i had the best reason to say no, I was working, but then they said they could cover the 1 leg I couldn't make. So now I felt like i should. Now I run but I'm not a runner, in track I was a sprinter, ok, go fast and hard for a short distance then be done. When I work out it is usually a spin class or a boot camp class, and I haven't had a regular work out routine in a while.

My legs were 4.5 miles the first leg and a pretty easy course, my 3rd leg was up hill 5 ,miles down hill 2 miles.

So I got up at 4 am on Friday to be at the course as it started in Lake Mead. My team however didn't show up tiil 6:30 so where I would have started 7 I started at 7:30. So as I'm running I'm enjoying the view of the sunrise over the lake and the mountains and playing around with my ipod, thats how I run in a race. Then I got home by 10:15, got a manicure, went to work from 2-9 then drove to my next area (11 pm), slept on the grass next to a gas station with all the other runners to be up by 2 to start our next 6 legs. I started my run at 3 and finished just before 5 (oh with a nice little throwing up around mile 4). Hung out to watch everyone run their legs, caae home again at 10:30 slept for an hour to get up and shower and go back to work by 2.

It was crazy weekend but I really enjoyed it. I love how my body feels today and kind feel like doing it again!