Thursday, May 19, 2011

So many things to share

1st- Mothers day was great, my kids are ALWAYS so sweet to me and my husband always willing to help that when mothers day comes up, its not a time where I think "oh good I get a break and can sleep in till 10 and do nothing" because if that was really the life I wanted I could have it. So like I say that its always valentines day in my home, it is also always mothers day. So I spent the day interacting with my family and happy that I have these little blessings in my life.
2nd-Addie turned 5. I can't believe it! As excited as I am I cried because I feel this moment of her being just ours is coming to an end. Soon she will make new friends and be in school and around strangers most of the day. Soon we will be doing home work and this little family we have will begin to change. We have always tried to go camping or on little weekend trips or explore new things around town to create a foundation and habit of having quality time with each other because we knew one day our kids wouldn't be as mobile and I feel like we are there. For her birthday I thought we would do this huge celebration but after thinking about it we thought some thing more intimate would be the better way to go. A few months ago Justin and I spent the weekend at Lake Las Vegas at a hotel which had such great amenities for kids, a shallow pool with a slide for the kids. A basketball court for Justin, lounge chairs by the pool for me and great restaurants. So we got a great rate, took a cake and invited our neighbors and had a nice day of swimming.
3rd-Today my 85 year old grandfather passed away. It wasn't a surprise but it happened quickly. He went in to the hospital about 3 weeks ago and had a surgery on Monday which he couldn't recover from and he left this earth quietly and pain free this morning. He was my last grandparent alive and I've been grateful for the relationship over the past years. He has spent time with my children, which by the way he shares a birthday with Tysen, and have enjoyed the relationship they have shared with him. Although I feel sadden by the loss, I am glad he his with the love of his life who left this earth so young and almost 20 years ago.