Thursday, September 24, 2009

Right now...

Right now Adlen is in the tub, Tysen is asleep and I'm on the computer, while I smell dinner cooking down stairs...I love my hot husband!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

CA Fun Prt 2

CA Fun

We've had a busy weekend with a last minute trip to Grandmas house. We played in the pool and at the beach and saw the seals at La Jolla, it was a nice little get away!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My hair sums it up...its been messy!

On a night in which I can't fall asleep, here I am, updating my blog! We've had an interesting few weeks so I'll just highlight some of it. One of my very best friends was married a few weeks ago and we had the opportunity to go to her beautiful wedding. The bride and groom looked so happy and the reception was such a blast! It was wonderful to have the majority of the day without the kids. I'm not sure what it is but I've been feeling a little burnt out and I'm not sure exactly how to fix it so it was a much needed break.

On the note, today Tysen fell down about 8 of our steps, he is fine but I've been feeling like with Tysen there have been more accidents and more often. I'm not sure if its because he is the second and I'm not always there to watch him but then I don't feel like that should be an excuse when it comes to safety.

Coming back from out of town on Sunday we had a note on our door that our neighbor found our dog (after picking him up he got back out about midnight, in which our neighbor knocked on our door). Then the next afternoon he got out again and didn't return till Tuesday morning. He is fine but his ear is a bit torn.

Does anyone else feel they have weeks were they just can't get it together, because that's where I am!

On a positive note, Justin and I will be going to Hawaii in December with his family, and the best part (but a little sad as well), we're leaving the kids! Oh, please hurry up December!