Monday, May 31, 2010

more pictures

Where to start...

We celebrated Adlens birthday, started her dance class, I finished up with the census, and loved it and hope they give me more work. Submitted about 5 grants for the Blind Center. Tysen goes into nursery this month (yipee) and Justin is enjoying work and the kids and I just got back from a trip to California with my family. Adlens crab also died sometime while we were gone but Adlen took it well and I finally got the ugly tank off my counter! Today we also rented a boat and spent some time out on Lake Mead. It was nice to do something new and have time together before the week starts. And Tysen found a new wat to vacuum!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I feel Sexy

Ok, so I feel sexy, whats the big deal? Lately I've been feeling more beautiful and feminine. I'm not sure what it is, if it is even one thing or a combination of things. But it seems anything I do I've done feeling more sure of myself, almost like I have a little secret that I can giggle over.

Whatever it is I'm going to enjoy it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Adlen turns 4

4, yes I said 4. Which means we are one year away from school! I'm getting so excited about these new phases of life but can't help but feel sad for what we are leaving behind. We no longer shop in the toddlers section, we shop in the girls section, she wants to pick out her own clothes and want to play in her room by her self. She is now in a dance class, and got a leotard for her birthday. We are at the stages that when she was little I would dream about. I'm so proud to be her mom. She brings so much love to our family.
(pictures to follow, they still haven't been uploaded)