Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ragnar Relays

Oh, what was i thinking saying yes!

I had a friend come down for the weekend who was running with a group to do the ragnar relays. If you are unfamiliar with them thats not a bad thing! It is a two day race where each runner takes a few legs to finish the course. Well they were down a runner and on Monday and asked if I could run. I thought i had the best reason to say no, I was working, but then they said they could cover the 1 leg I couldn't make. So now I felt like i should. Now I run but I'm not a runner, in track I was a sprinter, ok, go fast and hard for a short distance then be done. When I work out it is usually a spin class or a boot camp class, and I haven't had a regular work out routine in a while.

My legs were 4.5 miles the first leg and a pretty easy course, my 3rd leg was up hill 5 ,miles down hill 2 miles.

So I got up at 4 am on Friday to be at the course as it started in Lake Mead. My team however didn't show up tiil 6:30 so where I would have started 7 I started at 7:30. So as I'm running I'm enjoying the view of the sunrise over the lake and the mountains and playing around with my ipod, thats how I run in a race. Then I got home by 10:15, got a manicure, went to work from 2-9 then drove to my next area (11 pm), slept on the grass next to a gas station with all the other runners to be up by 2 to start our next 6 legs. I started my run at 3 and finished just before 5 (oh with a nice little throwing up around mile 4). Hung out to watch everyone run their legs, caae home again at 10:30 slept for an hour to get up and shower and go back to work by 2.

It was crazy weekend but I really enjoyed it. I love how my body feels today and kind feel like doing it again!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Potty Train

Last week Tysen was wanting to poop on the potty and on Sunday he tells me that he now wants to pee on the could not have been easier with this kid! And today he has done both and loves getting a little surprise when he does. We are still working out the kinks for night time but I am too excited about not having to change diapers anymore!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Addie Goes to Kindergarten

No tears the first week but this week we've had a few. She is doing really well in her class and has a great teacher. She goes all day so it has given mommy a chance to have some time with Tysen as well. We are so excited about this new phase in life for her...and us.

Europe or Bust

Tysen in Monte Carlo not justin

Pirate night at the kids center

It says that if you toss a coin into the Trevi fountain, you will return to Rome, so I was sure to do it!


Pisa-mostly Justin and I took inappropriate pictures with the tower but this one is cute

Who can be mad about celebrating your anniversary on a free trip!

One of the stops in Greece

Topkapi Palace where the Sultan lived, is now 3 different museums one of which has the arm of John the Baptist

Blue Mosque


We finally went on our trip of a life time and LUUUVED it! We saw so many amazing and beautiful things. We ate REAL pizza and pasta everyday and stayed up late and slept in...even the kids!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Things to come...

Just a quick update. I haven't been uploading pictures so I don't really have any to share but the summer is flying by and we've managed to enjoy some of it as a family. We've had quick camping trips and trips to CA. Sundays around town and plenty of swimming. However, I can't CAN'T wait for August 7th because our family will embark on a 12 day cruise through the Mediterranean. I can't wait and although the trip their will be a nightmare (24 hours of traveling with two kids), I know the time together will be much needed.

So, although there are no pictures now....just wait!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So many things to share

1st- Mothers day was great, my kids are ALWAYS so sweet to me and my husband always willing to help that when mothers day comes up, its not a time where I think "oh good I get a break and can sleep in till 10 and do nothing" because if that was really the life I wanted I could have it. So like I say that its always valentines day in my home, it is also always mothers day. So I spent the day interacting with my family and happy that I have these little blessings in my life.
2nd-Addie turned 5. I can't believe it! As excited as I am I cried because I feel this moment of her being just ours is coming to an end. Soon she will make new friends and be in school and around strangers most of the day. Soon we will be doing home work and this little family we have will begin to change. We have always tried to go camping or on little weekend trips or explore new things around town to create a foundation and habit of having quality time with each other because we knew one day our kids wouldn't be as mobile and I feel like we are there. For her birthday I thought we would do this huge celebration but after thinking about it we thought some thing more intimate would be the better way to go. A few months ago Justin and I spent the weekend at Lake Las Vegas at a hotel which had such great amenities for kids, a shallow pool with a slide for the kids. A basketball court for Justin, lounge chairs by the pool for me and great restaurants. So we got a great rate, took a cake and invited our neighbors and had a nice day of swimming.
3rd-Today my 85 year old grandfather passed away. It wasn't a surprise but it happened quickly. He went in to the hospital about 3 weeks ago and had a surgery on Monday which he couldn't recover from and he left this earth quietly and pain free this morning. He was my last grandparent alive and I've been grateful for the relationship over the past years. He has spent time with my children, which by the way he shares a birthday with Tysen, and have enjoyed the relationship they have shared with him. Although I feel sadden by the loss, I am glad he his with the love of his life who left this earth so young and almost 20 years ago.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

heart attack in a crock pot

It seems everyone is posting about how crafty they are being...well, I'm not crafty or a cook but I do have a pretty nice dessert recipe. 1/2 c butter melted and added to one box of yellow cake mix, just the mix In a crock pot spray it with non stick spray layer the bottom with a pie filling (about 24 ounces), I like cherry but Justin likes raspberry, so what ever, just not apple Then dump on top of that the cake and butter mix. Cook low for 4 hrs or high for 2 Serve with ice cream and lots of milk...its rich, then go to the gym the next day. THERE I kept up with all you Jones's. In other news... We had a nice weekend. One of my favorite places to go and we haven't done enough of it is Big Bend state park in Laughlin. Its a nice little park the sits along side of the Colorado River but the best part is is you have sand, not like rocks but fine sand! And I love it, we take a blanket, lather up the kids in sunscreen drive about 1 1/2 hrs and enjoy! The kids make sand castle with daddy, mom soaks up the sun and we just have such a nice time. We stayed about 2 hrs, and since the kiddos were up early we were there from about 10-12 so early enough to be warm but not in mid day heat (as it is now around 85, but its still nice)!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have been busy keeping busy! I'm still involved with the Blind Center as well as working as a planner at the chapel and of course, keeping up with the kids. Justin has been moved to outside sales, actually 's been there for a few months now...sorry.

But in our time together we go hiking, as the weather is 60's-70's, getting ready for our trip to Europe, all 4 of us need passports, working out, I've been called as a relief society teacher, Justin is still in Young Mens. We are registering for kindergarten on Tuesday and I'm excited for it!

Over all we are just happy being out little family!

Saturday, February 5, 2011