Sunday, August 15, 2010


I can't believe how blessed my life has been. Justin and I have had our fair share of struggles but as we celebrate our 5 year anniversary, I'm glad those trials haven't been within our family. We've stressed over school or finances, what we want to be when we grow up and so on but one thing has always been the same, our relationship.
When I think about our little time together I can't help but think back to our whirlwind romance and how right we are for each other. Most people who date for 3 months and get married on a 10 day notice to friends and family don't survive. I've never once thought "maybe we should have dated longer", I've only always thought "we should have done this sooner". Many people have asked why so fast and I don't have one answer for them but more of trying to describe a feeling...home. When Justin and I met I felt like he was already my family and we had known each other forever. Anything that had to do with him was safe, and good for me and fun and exciting. He felt like my home. He is spontaneous and funny, kind, loving, handsome, hardworking and generous. Every quality that I would choose to have in someone, he is. And how lucky am i that not only did he want me but we were able to have to beautiful children together.
I can't describe what an amazing dad he is. He plays with them, hugs them, teaches them and laughs with them. One thing these kids will always know is that their dad loves them.
I can't wait for our next 5 years and see what it brings.

I made a little list of how things have changed and what is the same from our 1st year and now
I still love how he smells
he kisses me good morning before work, every morning (we added it up at least 1300 kisses )
we like to go on road trips
we laugh together all the time
we're always looking for something new to try and do or see
2 kids
we don't stay up late to play games (we do other things)
we've moved 4 times in our 5 years
I've finished school
Justin and I both have had different jobs, but I mostly stay home
we seem to talk about the kids when we're alone
date night is now McDonalds and a redbox (after the kids go to bed), its too expensive to pay a babysitter!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

whats new

Just a few updates

Today while Adlen and I made spaceships out of play-doh, I asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said she wanted to go to school and kindergarten. Then I clarified, when she was my age what did she want to be. I threw out ideas like, work with animals, a doctor, a fireman, a laywer, a mom, a police officer...and so on. She then said those things are for boys (I hope she means police and fireman, not so much the mom thing), then after throwing out a few more thing we settled on she wants to do hair and make-up.

The big news...drum roll please...
to annouce
(you thought something else, didn't you...if you know me and had those thougths, I now know you secretly hate me)
After 2 years of sharing a car, asking nieghbors and friends for rides, waking kids up at 5 to get Justin to work so that I could go to a meeting or doctors appointment and months of research and testing driving a dozen cars, we are excited about our 2006 Chrysler Pacifica. I love it! It was a perfect fit for us, 6 seats, in our price range and pretty decent milage (55,000). Its not the car I thought we would buy. I always thought of a more sporty suv but when I ran across this car and researched it, read reviews, I fell in love, and there were only 9 in Las Vegas, but 4 with the third row (a must for me this time). Anyway, I've had fun driving it and at night when everyone is sleeping, I sneak into the garage and sit in it.

Our 5 year is this Saturday, which I'll write more about later but I'm so excited about this mile stone and can't wait to start planning our next 5 years

Tysen is doing so well, he's all boy and loves to destroy and climb, some things he says are:
"oh man"
"shoo bug"
"there it is"
"thank you"

Adlen is getting so excited about starting preschool this fall and is becoming more and more outgoing and loves to dance.

Work is going well for the both of us and we still manage to have a little time to ourselves. We are loving this moment in our lives!