Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally some pictures

Our front room

Our house!!

my sweet bath from a month ago

The first time Tysen grabbed something
(about a month and a half ago)

Monday, April 13, 2009

A great couple of days

We really enjoyed our weekend. We had the chance to work on a few more projects and I'm happy to report all our closets are done and I could finally hang up my clothes! On Saturday I woke up and went to a friends "boot camp", as I bloged a few weeks ago about loosing the rest of my baby weight, I thought this would be a great opportunity to stretch myself. On Sunday we had breakfast and went to our new ward and when we came home the easter bunny had visited and Adlen had a great time looking for egss and opening her easter basket. We have so much sugar in our house I'm not sure what to do with it! It was a great weekend, a chance to get things done, enjoy a holiday and be with our little family!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Where to start...

So much has happened in the last few weeks I'm not sure where to begin. First- we moved into our beautiful new home!! Yipee! It was bank owned so it has a few projects. Nothing too major just blinds, closet rods and appliances. We're in the Southwest part of Las Vegas, just a few minutes from the strip, airport, and of course, shopping. It has kept us busy with unpacking and getting organized, a bit more challenging now with two kids. I think now however our heads are above water. It was a busy week, we closed late having to move our truck rental back a few times, moving midweek and Justin not taking time off and working during the day, then cleaning the other home so renters could move in, earlier than expected, and then unpacking in a home with out closet rods, everything ended up on the floor. I think in the middle of it all I went like three days without a shower! Yikes! We went a week without a fridge and we still have the wrong one but we're letting it stay for now so it's not another week without a fridge (we have a little one that can hold essentials like milk, eggs, cheese, hot dogs for Addie, the staples) and thank goodness for the freezer my mom bought so we could at least heat something frozen in the oven.

On a sweeter note, a week before we closed was crazy and I was ready to cry at any moment, so one night while I put Adlen to bed, Justin surprised me with a bubble bath with rose petals, candles and my favorite treat and a sweet card. I'm so lucky I have him for a husband! I took pictures but I haven't uploaded them to the computer but hopefully in the next day or two I'll find the cord I need to do that.

Tysen also had his first doctors appointment. It was supposed to be for his two month but it came late and fell at 3 months but he was 14 pounds and some length that I can't remember

Adlen is getting so grown up everyday. My favorite thing is when she does something wrong and says "oh sorry mommy, my fault" she is so sweet. She loves being a big sister and making Tysen laugh. I can't believe that next month she will be three. I'm not ready for her to be doing things like dance classes and preschool, she's till just a baby! Potty training is still a challenge, we have two toys now that are unopened that she can have when she puts her pee pee in the potty, we got them about a month ago. I think when the challenge of moving has worn off we'll think more seriously about it.