Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Family visit

We were lucky enough to have my brother and his wife and kids come stay for a few days. It nice to have the cousins play and other adults to talk to. We did lots of fun things, my favorite, renting a boat and hanging out on the lake, I think this is our new hobby. we also hiked up to a lake that is in one of our state parks and had a picnic. We have crazy long days with kids up as early as 5:30, but I know these are the times we'll talk about in years to come.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Camping II

Adventures in Camping

We love camping and look forward to it every summer. We'd wanted to go sooner than this last weekend but were too busy. So we finally had the chance and packed up our stuff and left Friday. Now, usually we sleep in a tent but we weren't sure how Tysen would do so we opted to get a hotel and have Addie and dad sleep in a tent Saturday night. Only because when I told Adlen we were camping Friday she said "in a tent"? and I told her no we would sleep in a hotel and she said "mom, that's not camping", so we thought we would compromise. Any way we got in Friday night to Big Pine Ca, which is just on the other side of death valley, about a 4 hour drive. Justin went there as a kid and we went there last summer and loved it. Adlen loves to go fishing and did plenty of that, we hiked around and ended our day making s'mores. Now after talking with other campers they told us that it had snowed a few days earlier during the night, so with that we packed up our tent and went back to our hotel room and enjoyed sleeping in a warm bed.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

18 months and counting

Tysen hits the big 1-8 this month which means (drum roll please)...NURSERY! (Church might actually mean something). I can't believe how fast it is going. I think to celebrate I'll put him in a music class. This kid loves to dance so I thought a class in which there is music and dance I can't go wrong. He likes to say so many things:

mom, dad, puppy, Addie (my favorite), ball, drink, thank you (another fav), more, baby, binki, bottle, tree, and there could be more but those are everyday words. He is starting to climb, alot, and of course still loves to put anything in his mouth. I think the next little while we'll work on phasing out the bottle and binki...wish me luck