Sunday, April 3, 2011

heart attack in a crock pot

It seems everyone is posting about how crafty they are being...well, I'm not crafty or a cook but I do have a pretty nice dessert recipe. 1/2 c butter melted and added to one box of yellow cake mix, just the mix In a crock pot spray it with non stick spray layer the bottom with a pie filling (about 24 ounces), I like cherry but Justin likes raspberry, so what ever, just not apple Then dump on top of that the cake and butter mix. Cook low for 4 hrs or high for 2 Serve with ice cream and lots of milk...its rich, then go to the gym the next day. THERE I kept up with all you Jones's. In other news... We had a nice weekend. One of my favorite places to go and we haven't done enough of it is Big Bend state park in Laughlin. Its a nice little park the sits along side of the Colorado River but the best part is is you have sand, not like rocks but fine sand! And I love it, we take a blanket, lather up the kids in sunscreen drive about 1 1/2 hrs and enjoy! The kids make sand castle with daddy, mom soaks up the sun and we just have such a nice time. We stayed about 2 hrs, and since the kiddos were up early we were there from about 10-12 so early enough to be warm but not in mid day heat (as it is now around 85, but its still nice)!