Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The kids were both super heros for Halloween. I didn't get any good pictures of them so instead here they are making Halloween cookies. Tysen had a great time trick or treating. As they would put candy in his bucket he's put it in his mouth, wrapper and all!

WhAt Up

Ok, it's been a while. I haven't forgotten I've been busy but just so you know these are some of the titles that I've thought of blogging about but haven't yet

I ran in front of a bus
we're getting married again
Get your hand out of your butt (and other strange things I say during the day)

So below I will highlight each title
I ran in front of a bus: I really did, I was crossing the street as the bus was pulling away from its stop and it was funny to me that I actually did that then soon realized, who does that?
We're getting married again- this actually just happened yesterday and i will explain further but we were asked to be the Bride and Groom of a marketing video which will air on the travel Chanel
Get your hand out of your butt- need I say more. Some times I giggle to think of the things I have to say to the kids
3- I know have 3 jobs. My latest adventure is a wedding planner at Chapel of the Flowers, which is the company that asked us to make the video. I've really enjoyed it and sometimes it does make for some long days, as I am still working for Macy's and the Blind Center, I have really enjoyed what I've been doing and the people I work with.

Ok I guess that's most of it. Justin just moved positions in work. He now works as the outside salesman for the company and the kids are busy busy. Adlen has been loving preschool and Tysen is talking so much. They are doing better about sleeping in the same room which has helped mom and dad not be exhausted