Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Our play group had an Easter Egg Hunt this last week and since Tysen wasn't walking this time last year, it was a fun little adventure for him. He would pick one up but it would fall back on the ground, but he thought he was finding a new one, so he was really excited about all the ones he was finding even though they were the same 4. Addie cleaned up the place, after about a 2 minute gap in which I was taking pictures of Tysen she had already filled her little bag up...we later had to share with friends since there wasn't enough for them!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some things I love about Tysen

I posted about some of the things that I loved about Adlen so I thought I'd write about Tysen.

I love how he's busy
He loves to investigate everything, with his mouth ("sorry little guy, you can't eat that rock")
He screams anytime he wants something and I appreciate his sense of urgency, very much like his mom, I want things done before I even ask ("what, you can't read my mind"?)
He tries to be soft, it usually turns into pulling the dogs ear or Adlens hair (I wonder if he thinks its another pet on her head). But he does make an effort, even for a split second.
He gives kisses
He will on occasion walk up to me and rest his head on my shoulder, I think this is how he hugs.
He has the cutest smile and the biggest eyes.
He is pretty easy going and likes to be involved.
He tries to copy Adlen on everything she does, which means he's now trying to wash his own hair and walk down the stairs, which sometimes doesn't always work out.
And with that being said I love how forgiving he is. It seems that no matter how busy I get or distracted and can't always be by his side, he still is happy, and lets me hug and kiss him, and play with him and he always greets me with excitement and a huge smile!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

sick and tired

Ok, after a few months off and just dragging my feet I have renewed my enthusiasm for Mary Kay. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I'm back on the horse excited to earn a little extra money each month. I don't normally ask for things and some of you have helped in the past and I really appreciate that so don't feel obligated but anything would be great, even if you refer someone my way. Now, I know Mary Kay isn't every ones cup of tea but some products are really great that other company's don't offer. My website is up and running and anyone who wants to can do a online party. All it takes is for you and 6 other friends to get on line and order (and when you order $45.00, you get a free gift with purchase), so easy, just let me know that on X week you and you're friends will be getting online to ensure you get the hostess credit. Hostess credit works like this you get the total amount of sales in a % off your order, so you sell 100, you get 10% off, $200, 20%, and up, when you have bookings you get an additional 5% added ($100 in sales and 1 booking, 15% off, 100 in sales and 2 bookings 20% off). And bookings can be done online as well (meaning somone who orders during your party gets 6 more people to go online).
So there is my soap box. I will be continuing to work my other part time jobs so tell customers that when they order it may be a few days after I close before I submit the order. I also have product on hand and will strive to keep it updated.
Thank you so much

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This number seems to be ever present in my life. To give you a recap:
I have 2 children
I have 2 jobs
I have 2 callings
And now to add to the list I have 2 warrants out for my arrest. If you recall back in September our dog got out a few times and our animal right activist neighbor called animal control, which lead to 2 citations. To resolve animal control citations you have go to court to resolve it. Well one was for December 29th, which I knew I couldn't be at because we would be in Hawaii. So, on the 24th I went down town to change my date and the woman who was helping me looked for my citations and couldn't find them in the system, she looked by my name, citation number, and my social security number and found nothing. So she said they were probably thrown out and I went on with my life. Since then I decided to volunteer at the Boys and Girls club and part of being a volunteer you need to be finger printed. So last week at 8 am I marched in there to get my finger prints but was told they couldn't issue my finger prints because I have two warrants for my arrest. I was livid!
So my name is Katie and I'm a criminal
PS- I contacted my lawyer to have the warrants removed but I'm still waiting for my court date to explain that apparently I can't trust the clerks at the court house.