Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I had a thought

I had a thought about something that I wanted to write, and now I can't remember, hmm.. So a general update.
We are in full on potty training around here. I was out last Tuesday and I called Justin just to check in and this is our conversation "we're in lock down for the ext little while" me, "whats going on", Justin, "we're potty training and she can't play with her big girl toys, they have been put away, she can't play with friends, nothing", I say "OK". And so far it hasn't been bad. She's going about 2-3 times a day in the potty, she's pooped once, and we have on average one accident every other day. However, she did poop twice in her under wear today... yuck. But she went on her own today as well so, I can't complain. We put her in a diaper at nights but, other than that its under wear the rest of the time (although we've had a few fits about wanting a diaper). When she has to go she'll say "my pee pee's awake", she goes and she cheers and says "I did it"!
Tysen is a handful, looking for anything to get into, which is opposite of what Addie was like. He is standing and holding onto things and trying to take steps. He has 1 tooth and another that i think will be here shortly. He is 10 months old, and doesn't so much eat food, but rather smears it all over. He has the best laugh and wrinkles his nose and breaths like he's a bull ready to charge.
We're trying to decide what to do for Halloween, Adlen has a USC cheerleader outfit, so we thought we'd find a Jersey for Tysen and make him a football player. Or, and this is my pick, I'd like to make Adlen an Angel, and Tysen, a little devil.
Justin is still looking for work, actually we both are so if you know anyone who is hiring a Project Engineer, or an assistant project manger, let us know, or anyone who is hiring in a community or public relations based job, let me know. At this point we'll go anywhere.
We look forward to the rest of the year. We have opportunities to see family, and of course, our trip to Hawaii, without kids, courtesy of my brother and his brave wife to take on our two kids, plus their three!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

just some pictures

these are just some pictures I haven't had a chance to post and pictures from Justins 29th birthday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New blog

I have a new blog
Tell everyone about it, it will go through basic things I've learned and would also love to hear hear what you have learned as well!