Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A few more sizes to go

Since I'm not taking a before (trust me, you'll thank me later), these pictures will have to do!
My size 2

Size 5

I recently posted about what makes you feel beautiful and a friend of my commented on having a great pair of jeans makes her feel beautiful. Well I have two pairs that I love but haven't been able to fit into since I had Tysen (I'm currently in a 9). So, this last week I've started working out (also on the advice of another friend who said "then do something about it"). I do two minutes of lunges and squats, two minutes of abs (crunches and leg tosses), and two minutes of curls and chair dips (helps lift the ta ta's). Then I do a little stretching and do it again. I need to start running or something with cardio to burn the weight off but I've enjoyed the toning part and feeling my muscles sore and firming up. I'm excited to be able to wear these jeans again and will post updates on my progress (I'd like to be in them by the end of the year)!

Monday, March 9, 2009

What I love about Adlen

What I love about Adlen is how loving she is. She is always so willing to hug and kiss and "cuddle in our cuddle spot". She's very polite and most of the time says please and thank you and now, if she does anything like a burp she'll say "excuse me", and just yesterday I sneezed and she said "oh, bless you mommy". Shes always making silly faces and loves to dance. With her third birthday approaching I'm excited about all the new things she'll pick up. She's closer to being potty trained and tries so hard to be independent. Her favorite thing to say when she's doing something on her own and I try to help she says "no mommy, leave"...Alright!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what makes you feel beautiful

I just recently got my glamour magazine in the mail in which they are celebrating their 70th anniversary. It goes through the last 70 years of beauty, fashion and what has always stayed the same (red lips and pink nails are a classic). It asks "what makes you beautiful?" and after thinking about it, I came up with my own list. There are the usual, when I eat right, exercise, buy a new outfit, drink water, get enough sleep, using nice products on my hair and skin. But then I thought a little deeper and I feel beautiful when my marriage is happy (which is most of the time) and my kids are behaving (mostly Adlen). But what struck me as being a little odd for a source of beauty was I feel beautiful when I'm organized. I feel in control and on top of it. I feel beautiful when I've made the beds, played with Adlen and have read to her. When I've done the laundry and the dishes, and had time to get dressed (with a shower).

I feel beautiful when I do things for my family and for others!

So ladies, I want to know what makes you feel beautiful?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just some new pictures

These kids are just getting bigger and bigger everyday. Adlen loves to play, count, color, read and sing songs. Shes picking new things up everyday and is getting closer to being potty trained, I keep thinking anyday now but who knows.
Tysen is learning how to move his head and arms and it's so funny to watch him raise his hand up and look at it and try and put it in his mouth. He is a great boy and eats and sleeps and for about a week, slept through the whole night! We are feeling really blessed right now in our lives. Justin continues to work for the state and we're happy he has a job, and we will be buying our first home together this month.