Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Because I'm worth it"

My Beauty bible is Allure Magazine.  I have been reading it for 12 years and I always learn something and it always ignites that passion I have for beauty and fashion!  I just read an article about the model for L'Oreal who launched the slogan "Because I'm worth it".  It was mainly a "what is she doing now" piece but I luuuuved the history of the slogan.  Penned in 15 minutes by a writer who scribbled it and handed it over because in her life she was tired of looking good for a man and wanted to look good for herself.  It reminded me of a date I was on and I was adjusting my padded bra and my date said to me "I know its padding, why worry"?  I looked at him and remember saying "what makes you think I do this for you"?  Since then my beauty routine (to your definition of course, hair, make up, diet, exercise...) and even my desires to have breast implants have been for me and me only.  It is the opportunity for me to express what I feel internally, externally.  I feel strong, sexy, smart, savvy, and any other "s" word that expresses confidence (don't get me wrong, if I couldn't have my little routine, it wouldn't change how I feel on the inside).  I love that I have these tools so that regardless of what any man, or woman, thinks of me I can be proud that I took the time to curl my lashes that day.  Because at the end of the day its my opinion and mine only that matters when it comes to me.  If you have the chance to flip through it while waiting to buy your groceries, do it, its a fun read!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A little update

I stalk everyone elses blogs to see whats going on and think "why haven't they updated it"? And here I am a month with out a new post!  Well the school year is coming to an end and I'm excited.  Adlen turns 6 next Saturday...yikes, where has  the time flown?!  Tysen is still doing great with staying dry at night, just the occasional accident.  I'm doing some work for my parents and recently went back to dark brown.  I'm having fun with the change but do miss the blonde.  Justin is doing really well at work and bringing new customers in all the time and his boss thinks so highly of him.  I guess thats about the only little update we have.  Just same old around here!