Sunday, November 30, 2008

An interesting Thanksgiving

A more traditional Thanksgiving

Because we at so late Julie was able to join us after eating at her sisters, and helped with Adlen while we were in the hospital

The morning started out fairly normal, the boys (Justin and his brother) woke up early for turkey bowl, and I stayed behind to start dinner (roast, since none of us are big turkey eaters, a few sides and of course, pie). Around two, when all the preparations were done I hopped in the shower to get cleaned up and when I got out something happened that made me question whether or not my water broke (I dikdn't have it break with Adlen so I wasn't sure). I called our nurse hot line and all the women I knew that might have recently had their water brake and inquired about what it feels like. After about 30 minutes debating whether to go to the hospital we thought it might not be a bad idea. We got to the hospital at about 3 and they hooked me up to the monitors and kept an eye on me and made sure everything was still in one piece, which it was. Then I started having contractions and after a little while of them being 4 minutes apart the nurse decided to give me an I V to help eliminate them and a shot. This took about another hour. So after two hours of being watched and poked at they sent me home. Once home the day picked up as normal, dinner and pie.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just an update

I feel that we've been busy just getting things ready for the baby! It is still looking like Tysen might be coming on the 17th, I of course would love to have him sooner. I'm big and uncomfortable and anxious to be done. For me, I don't enjoy being pregnant, it's all about just getting the baby here. I don't marvel at the changes my body makes, I feel like that's how I'm designed, so that's no miracle, but getting back to my pre-baby weight, now that's where the miracle is! However, when ever he does come it will be so fascinating to see who he looks like and how Adlen will be as a sister. I think once Tysen is here we can then begin to think about the Holidays. Up till now we haven't really given it much thought, and I've been stuck on what to get for Adlen. Justin and I just decided to wait on gifts for each other and do the shopping together once things settle down a bit. Not very exciting but might make things simpler!
We hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving,
Love the Hills

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Lesson in Love

Today has been a tough day with Adlen. She was up at about 6:40 and from about 8 till 12, when she took her nap, it was one tantrum after another. Crying over not going for a walk, changing her diaper and trying to get her dressed. Then she woke up (about an hour and half later) and followed with another string of tantrums, wanting to play on the balcony and then not wanting to play on it and not wanting to eat her lunch and still, trying to get her dressed and another diaper change. I found my self loosing it, to the point that I was yelling at her and being mean to her. Finally around 3:15, after an hour or so of this, she sat on my lap and cried, and I followed thinking to myself that I just need to get it together. I held Adlen and told her that I was sorry for yelling and that I loved her, she then looked at me and wiped my tear off my cheek.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Family weekend

Ashley, Jake, Jaden, Justin, me, Adlen, Talin and Grandma (Julie)

Time with grandkids

me, Adlen, my brothers wife, Jessica, and her sister Cami

Adlen, Talin and Jaden

This weekend was my baby shower for Tysen. I was really looking forward to it and what was really exciting was that Jake and Ashley from Utah decided to come, a last minute choice for them. They got in Thursday night and the cousins played, while parents did damage control. On Friday Julie came to town and we hung out and Justin made a great lettuce wrap meal (thanks honey). Saturday the girls did some last minute shower shopping getting home in time for us to clean up the house and put the food on the table. I had gone upstairs to lay Adlen down for her nap and about 30 minutes before the shower, I went downstairs to try and help, and in my surprise there was my sister in law (and her sister Cami) from Arizona! I didn't know she was coming in town and like any pregnant woman who experiences emotion during her nine months, I cried. I was so happy that both Ashley and Jessica drove so far to come. We had a fun time at the shower, Julie who hosted, planned really fun games and many of my new friends here in Vegas made it. Then we all went to the strip to hang out and on Sunday got everyone together for breakfast before Jessica and Cami left. Then the rest of us played at the park and met up with an old friend of Jake and Justin's before Jake and Ashley left.
I'd also like to say thank you to my brother Mark for taking on three kids by himself so Jessica could come.
I really felt blessed this weekend

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Kissing Scale



Justin likes to kiss. Which I don't mind (obviously) but on occasion he'll ask for a kiss and then right after he'll say "4" or "8" and every so often I'll hear "10". He has informed me that the rating is based on the following: length of kiss, softness, moisture, and pressure. Sometimes in a joking- but- not- really manner I protest this system, he says it's so I'm at my best; I say a kiss is a kiss and beggers can't be choosers!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Justin likes to listen to sports radio and sometimes he'll call in for free tickets. Well Friday was considerably profitable for him. Winning tickets to Saturdays game against TCU and a game next Saturday and even tickets to the Chargers vs Raiders game (living in Ca most of his life and being a Chargers fan, he's never been to a game, you can imagine how excited he was). So on Saturday we made french toast, hung out in our PJ's, I cleaned the house and I did a little shopping. Then we all got ready and went to the game. Although UNLV lost, we had great seats and Adlen enjoyed watching the game, listening to the band and watching their dance team!