Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa Came Early...

I had to write a special letter to Santa to see if he could come early to our home since we'll be out of town...and he did!

Our kids are at such a fun age to enjoy a Holiday like Christmas. Justin is really cute that he likes to play Christmas music and eat cinnamon rolls while we open gifts, usually we have to wait upstairs while he gets it all ready. However, because Tysen is pulling ornaments off of trees' we put our tree in our loft where we don't usually spend much time. I think it worked out great. Because of Justin loosing his job we were blessed by the generosity of others who made this a wonderful day!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Birthday party

We had our neighbors over to have cake and open presents, it was the perfect party for a 1 year old, simple, small, and fun!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man

Today Tysen is one, and it has been a great year! It took us almost two years just to get pregnant and the 9 months seemed to take forever! But once we finally got him here it was worth the wait!

Dear Tysen

Happy birthday little man. We love you so much, you are a wonderful blessing and you have completed our family. You are the perfect little brother to Adlen, and chase after her and want the toys that she always has. You make your dad proud that he can one day take you fishing, throw the football around and watch you play basketball (all of which you will do because of who your dad is, not so much because you want to, just as a heads up). And I'm so proud that I get to raise you to be smart, kind and loving, and strong and for it to be OK and not a sign of weakness. Right now you love to crawl and put anything in your mouth, you have 4 teeth and 4 more coming in. You say "momma, dadda,", you like to scream and hear your own voice, and you love to wave and give kisses. You have beautiful brown eyes and a smile that would make anyone want to be your mom, but I'm the lucky one who is. You are enriching our lives everyday and can't wait to see how much more you grow and learn.

We love you and are so grateful for you

Love mommy, daddy and Adlen

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


We had a great weekend in California, we left Wednesday night and came back Saturday night (I had to teach primary on Sunday). Dinner was yummy and relaxing, Friday we went to Sea world, compliments of Justin's uncle who used to work there, then thanks to Julie we went out to a movie. We saw Blind Side and it was great, go see it if you have the chance. Then Saturday it was raining so we just stayed home and made popcorn balls and rented Angels and Demons, another good one as well. So the weekend had everything that makes for a good Holiday. Time with family, naps, movies, some holiday food and and extra 5 pounds for the road!
I thought I had pictures to post, we took most of them with Julies camera and we ordered a CD from Walmart and I got home and sure enough the pictures were of some other family and a fat man with his shirt off...yuck! Maybe I should post them anyway!