Sunday, January 18, 2009

What I Love about Justin

There are so many things that I love about Justin that it would take too long to write. One thing however, is how affectionate he is; he never misses an opportunity to hug me or kiss me. I'm not as good about returning it as he is but he is a great example. What always impresses me is even when we have crazy schedules and we are going in different directions, he always manages time to make me feel beautiful. I hope I'm as a good of a spouse to him as he is to me...I love you sweetie!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bad hair day

Adlen has a lot of hair. Most mornings it starts out crazy and I'll put it in a pony tail but between and the running and climbing and nap time its usually a mess. So then I try again and it lasts about another hour if I'm lucky. One morning however her hair was disastrous, and I had to get a picture!

New Years

Train ride

We spent New Years in California. It was a last minute thing (since I wasn't sure how I would be feeling after a c-section we didn't make any plans) but we had a great time. We got into California Wednesday night and rang in the new year sleeping. We spent new years day at Justins grandparents house. The girls (plus Tysen and minus Adlen) shopped while the boys watched football, then we all went out to dinner. On Friday Julie (Justins mom), Justin and I and the kids went to Balboa Park (which in San Diego is where most of the museums are and the zoo). We went to the Science Museum (a hands on museum for those with kids, it's great) and then we strolled and just enjoyed being out side and ended the day with Justin, Adlen and i riding the 1/2 mile train, Adlen had a great time. Then Saturday was spent visiting my grandfather (sorry no pictures, I forgot my camera that day) and Justins dad. We left Sunday around 10 and enjoyed the ride home, stopping to take care of kids and shop. It was a great little trip and I was glad to be feeling well enough to do it!

Christmas Day

We had a calm Christmas (does that even exists with kids). We woke up and Adlen, Tysen and I waited up stairs while Justin made (rather, cooked) cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate and found the perfect music for us to open our gifts up to. It was a "basic" Christmas in which Adlen got the usual gifts: clothes, books, puzzles and a few new toys (cars and horses). Justin got new socks, accessories for the Wii, a new wallet and I got a small vacuum for the stairs, some new movies, a foot spa and other things to spoil myself with. We then spent the rest of our day playing with our new things and in our pj's.