Saturday, March 17, 2012

I do not like them Sam-I-Am

Just in the last few weeks Adlen has been reading "green eggs and ham"...almost every night. So in honor of St Patricks day I thought I would make green eggs. I did and it flopped. I'm so sad about it. All day yesterday I kept thinking that they would just think it was a hoot and I couldn't wait. Well, that's what I get I guess. These little people really have minds of there own!

In other news...we have one of our cars paid off!
Adlen has completed all of her Kindergarten requirements and is now reading 1st grade words.
Tysen is staying dry for most nights. Last night he walked into the bathroom then peed. It was on the floor but its tile so I'll take that over sheets any day.
Camping and a 10 trip to Michigan in July.
Our 7thy anniversary in August!

We have exciting things on the horizon!

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The Hill's said...

Love your posts!! Miss your family :)